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I was in the Woodmore store in Maryland and myself and several other customers witnessed a manager talking rude to an employee. The managers name was Taneshia she was yelling at the young man Khalil he was on the ladder helping me and another customer out retrieving merchandise we were buying. The manger yelled Khalil what are you doing and he explained he was helping out the customers we agreed. She continued to yell at this young man telling... Read more

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I've been to the reno party city and let me tell you there's this manager i think by the name of oliva, she's so rude to her employees and talks down to them one guy was just getting my balloon order and she chastised him like crazy i felt sorry for him. also they don't refund my costume knowing i bought it after halloween; not to mention none of the cashiers except one guy is friendly and nice and will converse with you. this store is so bad i... Read more

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I brought 2 customs for my twins the same kind.the manager that was on duty at the time she was helping me with the return.she scan 1 then she scanned the other custom she looked at me and said that the cashier didn't charge me for that the manager turned the screen so i could see it and scanned it again to show me it wasnt ringing up then I asked her for my receipt back i had show her i paid for 2 customs...then i notice when she... Read more

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Hi good day I need to find out what happened to the rest of my items in my box , today when I got home my package from you guys were left outside , the package was open , so I took the package inside to check to see if i received everything that i had ordered , but unfortunately there were 3 items missing such as (1) - 654790 - Vintage Rose Guest Towels 16ct , (6) - 667800 - Gold Chevron Votive Candle Holders and ( 1 ) 695114 - Large Gold... Read more

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I am absolutely disgusted with how this company treats its customers. I recently had a horrible experience with an employee at the cartersville Ga location I sent a detailed email to customer service and have heard nothing back. Really shows that they do not care about their customers.

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I ordered a costume from Party City for a Halloween party I was attending. I even paid $30 for expedited shipping. When I received the costume it was missing a piece. I emailed Party City in regards to this, and to this day I have not received a response. This whole experience was very disappointing. I am never buying from Party City online ever again, and everyone I know, who knows about my experience will not buy from Party City online either. Read more

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Yesterday I bought 3 items (Hawaiian grass table skirts), they were on the sale/clearance end shelf, the clerk insisted they were not on sale & charged me full price. Had the items not been absolute trash, I would not be complaining...but they fell apart within hours. I wasted $32.00 & was treated I won't go back. The service at Party City has never been great anyway, for the 5 or so times a year I need a balloon...I'll just go to... Read more

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I bought two tubes of white face paint there for a costume idea I had. The face paint I got had fairly good reviews and was reasonably priced so I decided to try it out. Long story short, I had an extremely bad allergic reaction and had to go to the ER due to the severity and now I have absolutely disgusting whelps all over my face. I went to the store to return the makeup and I knew beforehand that I wouldn't get my money back because the... Read more

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So, I went to party city at 10:30 am on oct 31 2016, it wasn't that crazy because it was early, I got a few things that I need, went to pay, like 5 people on the line, this young woman at the register, didn't smile, say welcome or something, put my stuff down she scanned when I was looking for the money in my wallet she was on the phone texting, I gave her the money on her hands, she throws the change with the receipt on the side no bag for my... Read more

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My wife bought our 16month old a Halloween outfit two days before the 31st. She returned the unopened item, but the costume wasn't age appropriate. So, she went return the costume and PARTY City has a no refund policy!!?? I called the store manager at Party City. He stuttered the whole conversation and admitted it was wrong but there was nothing wrong with that. Read more

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