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so I had placed an order online for my sons birthday party. I had ordered a lot of candy, cause I'm planning on having a candy buffet !

So my order comes in the mail, and everything was perfect EXCEPT for my black and white candy sticks !!! :( every single one were broken AND out the box it belonged in!! I am not happy about that what so ever! They have there own setting that will be placed in one of the clear bowls I bought.

I do not wanna serve this at my sons 5th birthday party.. Plus just reviewing my order I am also missing my red rock candy sticks smh, Boy am I not happy as of right now, I will never place an order online again!!!

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Instead of complaining on some website what you should have done is called the nearby Party City ask them if you can exchange the blacks for the whites brought every single one in with your invoice and done a complete Exchange. It's really not that difficult

Dallas, Texas, United States #836083

seems more of a shipper's problem and not party city. blame ups or your post office

to Anonymous #839645

Shut up, you don't know if it was broken before or not. They should have wrapped it better also .

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to Anonymous #1043286

he somad

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