Hello. I am a sales associate working for a small party city store, and I noticed that many of the complaints I see on here are directed at employees for thugs they have little to no control over, and I'd like to redirect the hard feelings at the company instead.

There are of course things that can be blamed on an employee such as rudeness, unfriendliness, and laziness, but those aren't the reviews i'm talking about here.

So, here is a list of issues many people seem to have at party city that they unjustly blame employees for:

1. Being asked for emails and phone numbers at checkout.

As an employee, I cannot stand asking these questions. It makes the customers uncomfortable, and is very time consuming. But, they are questions we must ask as part of the job. We get written up if our counts for these questions are consistently low. Rest assured, we hate it as much as you do. But don't get that annoyed look on your face when asked. It makes us feel bad.

On a side note, no, the company doesn't sell your number or call you or anything.

2. Service is slow.

Fun fact: sometimes, there are only two or three employees in the store at a time. If we are busy, service will be slow. People want balloons, help getting things off shelves, help finding things, needing checked out, people call on the phone, and more! If there is a line at the register and someone is blowing up balloons and there is one or zero other employees, we can't help you right away. People checking out have priority over people needing help.

IF YOU'RE IN A RUSH, YOU SHOULDN'T HAE WAITED LAST MINUTE TO GET EVERYTHING. We will NOT speed things up just for you. You're not a special snowflake. Get in line and wait your turn.

3. Employees not knowing where things are or what to do or whatever.

Party City has a very high turnover rate. There is almost always someone who is kind of new on board, and they won't know everything until several months of employment. If someone doesn't know something, cut them a break. Don't be annoyed at them. Just ask if there is someone else who can help them. If they say no, it's probably because the manager is on a conference call or something. Like I said, sometimes there aren't many in the store.

4. Returns on Halloween items.

The company does not accept returns on any Halloween tens after the 24th of October. Sorry. We can give you merchandise credit to be used in store, though we aren't really supposed to. This is because a lot of people bring back costumes and such after theyve worn them.

5. Missing components to costumes.

If you've been to Party City close to Halloween, you will know how busy it gets around then. It's impossible to keep track of every customer all the time, and so, things get stolen. Customers often steal pieces from costumes and put them back in the bag. Yes, they should be checked, but sometimes there's no time when ten people are in line to get a costume and ten more are in line to try them on. Always check everything before you buy it, and inform us of there is a problem. We will fetch you another.

There is a plethora of other things, but I'll leave it at that for now. In short: unless the employee is downright rude to you, it probably isn't their fault you're having a bad time. There are a lot of weird policies the store has that we can do nothing about. And sometimes, people are just having a bad day. Maybe they are sick or on their period or their grandmother just got diagnosed with cancer. As a general rule, be kind and forgiving to anyone working anywhere, unless they are going out of their way to be poopyheads. Retail is not easy to work, the pay sucks, and the expectations are high.

Product or Service Mentioned: Party City Manager.

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Rock on on you feed back about customers always wanting to blame associates. I guarantee the poor employees deal with way more rude customers a day then the customer that deals with a issue isolated issue and it's no even the employees fault.


Couldn't agree with this more, especially complaints against the slow service. I always end up working the register or the Halloween picture wall (even though I've told management hundreds of times that I prefer servicing because that's where I excel), and when there's only two other employees at any given time, we manage to get swamped with customers.

I'll have people barking costume numbers at me left and right, and I try my best to remember all of these numbers while helplessly waiting for my service partner to confirm whether or not we have these costumes in stock (or self-servicing because the other employee is at the register) and it's absolutely maddening when a customer will curse at me for not being able to take their costume numbers (all 20 of them) all at once before any given person, or being mad at ME because something is out of stock.

Management is disorganized at best, I've gotten yelled at numerous times for not correctly blowing up balloon orders even though I've never been taught how to actually do so, and my manager has never once said my name correctly even though I've told them my name MANY times, plus WE WEAR NAME TAGS. It's a thankless job for terrible pay and I can only extend my sincerest apologies to the customers on behalf of the store itself, not the employees who are trying to help you even though they are all miserable.




And then there's the people who think they get priority over people who had the foresight to preorder balloons...like seriously why would you think that because you walk in and order something on the spot that you would get it before the people who ordered it days ago?? And why would you order something that takes time to prepare when you're in a rush? I really don't get it.


This is so true. Where I work there's always people who pick up an item that was left in the wrong place by another customer, so they think it's price is something lower than it actually is.

Then they get pissed at me when I ring it up and want a discount.

We can't do that. We try to put things away and straighten up, but we can't constantly be doing that.


Agreed. One customer brought an item to my register that was rang up at $25.

She said it was on the shelf for $10. I have customer service check and sure enough it has been placed in the wrong spot (probably by another customer). She comments that she thinks we should honor the price on the shelf just because it was misplaced.

When my manager says that we cannot she exclaims that It's bull *** and we should be able to discount it for her. You're not special and because another customer carelessly leaves somthing there does not mean you are entitled to a more than half off discount.


This goes for any retail establishment.. We're only human.

And it takes just one customer or a dull moon to ruin our day.

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