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Ive never in my life been treated so disrespectfully. I called to see if they could make an exception due to me just being released from the hospital after ive been in for having my appendix ruptured and nearly dying.

I will not be taking my kids trick or treating due to my health and just getting out of the hospital. Spoke with an a**hole name edward who was not onlycompletely rude and no lack of compassion and stated HE COULD NOT HELP ME! He offered me no names of anyone to help but kept insisting they could not take the costumes back.

they have not been worn and are brand new. I WILL NEVER EVER SHOP THERE AGAIN

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Come on I work in retail and let me tell you why do retailers need to make exceptions for every Tom *** and Harry that had some pitty me story . Suck it up and deal with it don't complaine. Really


That's what they did to me, I know they have override codes but dont want to easily input the override code and make you a Happy Returning Customer, no they want to not issue you a refund and make you pissed off by being so rude on the call, don't they know we were waiting patiently to talk to them? Unbelievable I am so sorry they were soo rude, I called them today and they told me the same thing and they actually had nerve enough to hang up on me. They ruined my day hopefully not yours.


We honestly don't care. You and you appendix can go take a hike!


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