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Party City has a "no returns" policy on wigs, which I can appreciate EXCEPT that they do not send you the wigs that they advertise. I ordered two neat, shoulder length brown wig and beard sets for "Bible" character costumes. However, what I received were super long, scraggly, disheveled wigs and beards that reached the middle of the chest.

When I tried one on, it looked so wild that it reminded us of Bigfoot. We laughed about it, not realizing we'd been duped. I took it to the store to make the return. They informed me that effective 10/25 they no longer accept them in the store, and they weren't so professional about how they said it.

After multiple phone conversations and emails with customer service, including emailing them a side-by-side photo of what I ordered versus what I got, they were still unwilling to accept responsibility. Either the wrong item was sent, or they are using false advertising to get rid of products that don't sell. Either way, I'm so done with them.

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All wigs, no matter where they are purchased, will require styling before they look like they are supposed to.

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