I have worked at a Las Vegas NV location for the last two years. our balloon prices have gone up twice since i started here and this is due to the helium shortage. I as an employee have no control over the prices and the policies in place at the store . when i have three people in line and you get impatient with me please remember that the line means you have to wait that's why its there.

Every day there is normally three people in the store at anytime maybe four if WE are lucky. Saturday being the only exception. unfortunately balloon orders do take precedence over walk ups because they were purchased in advance and were reserved. these orders need to be done on time i make it a point to tell EVERYONE who needs balloons that Saturdays and holidays are the busiest time for balloons and if you don't order ahead the wait can be anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours.The wait time applies no matter how many balloons you want inflated i still cant let you cut the other seven people waiting on their balloons because you don't have your priorities straight .If you bring in your own balloons and they pop because of us we will refund you the inflation charge if its foil and maybe the manager will let us blow up an equal value balloon for you. if you bring us latex balloons that are of questionable quality we only have the balloons that are NOT packaged that we can replace them with if one of yours pops you can have one of ours its all we can do.

Yes i am probably out of what you need because everyone wants the exact same thing if it is empty then that is probably all i have but i can check the top stock and see if there is any there. instead of shouting at me because you decided to shop last minuet how about you act like the adult you are and we work together to try and fix the problem.

I do my best to make sure everybody feels like they are important because they are without customers i wouldn't have a paycheck. however when you think i feel as though you are wasting my time it is not that the problem i have is you wasting my other customers time. please be ready to check out when you get in line because i do not have the power to void a transaction just because you just remembered what you actually came in for only the manager does, and nine times out of ten they don't get to the front quickly enough to do this little thing because they are busy or maybe they just don't want to right then and as an associate there's nothing i can do about it but get yelled at by you for something i have no power over. also when you get in line and you want a balloon off of the wall i don't need to baby you you are a freaking adult you know there is no way in h3ll i can remember every single balloon on that wall ,the numbers for each balloon is clearly displayed and yes you have to pick your own latex balloons out,not because i'm lazy but because i don't know what you want AND because they are right in front of you. YES BALLOONS MUST BE PURCHASED BEFORE INFLATION i have to ring you out before i blow them up weather or not you are in a hurry. if you are in a hurry perhaps you shouldn't be in the store and you should plan ahead like the adult you are.

My store is a mess because some people cant control themselves or their CHILDREN yes if i see your kid eating candy from one of my bins i make a note to charge you for it just like if you do it. and if you forget to mention it while checking out i have been told by management to assume you ate more than the piece i saw you consuming. maybe if you didn't act like a child and you controlled your actual child my store would still be as clean as last night when i swept moped and cleaned all the surfaces you and your kids wrecked.

RETURN POLICY IS YOU NEED YOUR RECEIPT TO RETURN ANYTHING 30 DAYS AFTER THE PURCHASE AND 7 DAY BEFORE THE HOLIDAY IF ITS A SEASONAL ITEM other than that you MIGHT get merch credit if you don't have your receipt and that's a huge maybe .Latex balloons if kept in the right conditions will last about 6-10 hours if in the heat they will pop so will the foil balloons. yes we follow you around the store because you seem suspicious this can be because you ran, you make strange sounds loudly or any other reason that in the past has signified theft.

As the main cashier it is my job to ring people out, help you on the floor, call other stores for people, answer the phones ,and do balloons for everyone. the secondary person who is there not the manager but the other associate is only supposed to do the project the have been given, help customers on the floor, and be my back up.So you intoning that i'm the only person in the store is pretty close to the truth and for that i apologize.

yes the store is cluttered because there are three people in the store and we are all busy helping you we cant clean the sore and give you the help you need its one or the other until corporate gets their heads out of their buts. and because we do care we choose you. Also a good way to show us you appreciate our help is tips. yes we do accept tips and the only people who say oh no they don't need tips are the managers who get 40 hours a week without question because they can change the scheduled when ever they want and no gets to say anything about it. they have great hours and last year i worked my butt off and made 11,000 just barely.

that coupon i gave you during checkout might get me in trouble because i'm not supposed to have it its your job to find the deals not mine do not mistake my kindness because your not in a good mood. if you need help with something LET ME KNOW do not sit off to the side with an anger face, a closed mouth will not get fed. and when you need help it better be legitimate because i have other customers with problems and if your trying to get me to match color schemes for you NO THAT IS NOT MY JOB and i will not do it because it might cost me my job.

As far as extras go no i cant do certain things for you because if i do i will be yelled at and although i would love to help you wrap a present or fix a gift bag i really think its amazing your taking the time to do it but no i'm not allowed to.

Everyone is complaining about horrible service but no one wants to say how amazing a store was and i realize what site this is but these complaints for the most part are due to misunderstandings or just sorry to say stupidity and laziness form both side of the counter.

your problems are valid but nothing compared to working for this terrible company. In the two years that i have worked here i have not gotten a raise nor a promotion. i have seen people being fired for tiny things such as having an open container of water up front, while a manager will keep there job even after not showing up for days on end.

My pay card was stolen and when i inquired about getting a replacement they ran me in circles for a month before i was given the number to call to replace my card. i couldn't pay my bills because my manager thought it was beneath his time. i have been here for two years and the first time i put in for a promotion my manager gave the position away to another associate which wouldn't have bothered me nearly as much is this employee hadn't just been hired and was the niece of the owner.

I keep all of my time clock sheets because i need to know my manager isn't trying to cheat me out of my overtime so he doesn't get in trouble.I have seen another manager go through her hours and mark all of the days that she should have gotten her overtime hours but she didn't because our store manager decided to move the hours over so she couldn't have overtime and was given only regular pay which is illegal.

when other employers call to for reference on past employees managers will deny that person ever having worked there. it has come to the point where i don't ant anything to do with my management team because they are horrible people. i dread calling other stores for items that customers need because of how rude the other general managers are to associates.

these people treat us like garbage and all we can do is take it because its the only money we have to slide by with. I don't right this because i'm angry i just want everyone to really understand whats going on here this isn't the ideal place to work and if you do encounter a mean associate or manager they shouldn't be taking it out on you or anyone for that matter but know you at least see why they are so difficult.

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Also as a former Gen manager


2.Wate of time and money

3. Corp could care less what goes into the whole I tossed.

just $$$, Trust me 20 years of Gen Manager top value stores.

And what a cheap gift ...more ballons do t make it a bigger gift.







I have no words how is it that people have lost their compassion i myself have worked at terrible jobs like this but have had the option to leave not everyone has that option but im guessing that the people with these insensitive comments are probably the same kind of people that treat people in those positions like s--t and think they have the right or that its okto treat anybody with disdain and disrespect you people say he needs to get a new job grow up stop acting like.... well whatever you are the ones that need to get a clue or some compassion theyre free you know


The reason i got out of customer service rude unappreciative people


Jessie shut up, because of the comments below does not mean they had a silver spoon their whole entire life. This is rediculous to whom ever wrote this. Get a real job, or stop complaining.


To the two condescending "anonymous" commentors who (apparently) grew up with a silver spoon in their ***, you need a reality check.

I'm sure that we ALL understand that life's not inherently fair to everyone; even if you happen to be living in "America: the land of opportuny". We aren't all born or raised in the most idealic fashion, nor are we given the same opportunities for success.

While this may no longer be relevant to the original author of this review/experience as a PC employee, how could you think to suggest quitting from a "deadbeat job" when this may be probably the only thing keeping them from off the streets?

Granted, one of you has expressed your experience of working at a minimum wage-paying job, maybe even holding multiple PT/FT jobs at once.

However, just like this review author VOLUNTARILY shared, it wouldn't kill you to share their sympathy like a decent human being.

This is a person, not a mindless robot designed to be a slave to others who can't behave with even a shred of courtesy to those assisting them.

"The customer is always right" is nothing more than a corporate's brainwashing mantra designed to condition underappreciated and overworked employees that a customer's "false sense of entitlement" equals sales; which will inevitably end up in corporate's pockets.

Hence, the rich stay rich, while those who barely make ends meet, on top of balancing various responsibilities, continue to struggle in the vicious cycle of life. So, who's pathetic now?

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1180294

Well spoken, much respect.

Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, United States #1177649

They should fire you for even writing this. I wouldn't even go to the store you worked at if I knew you're pathetic, complaining self was there. Get a new job, or get a life!


If you feel the need to complain soo much publicly aboit your dead beat job, why dont you get a real one? I use to work retail too...i had to work over nights re arranging the store.

We werent allowed to do so during the day with customers around. We personal shopped for them as in walked around with them,holding their basket, putting items in it for them ,basically being their ***,but i would never be as ignorant as how you are.

The whoke reason you are at your job is to make your customers party happen and happy. My son is turning one and i jusy bought stuff from party city and if you were to ring me out with that bs attitude, id tell you to *** off and ask for you to get fired.

to Anonymous #1163086

I feel sorry for your son.

to Anonymous Fullerton, California, United States #1283679

I do too, especially since in another post which was deleted she admitted to beating him.


Amen! Lol....I feel your pain.

Truly. People these days are ridiculous.


Wow u make me never want to go to a party city


Get a life


Before you call store for customer, do A item look up on product. It will tell you how many each store has in stock.

If it says three or less somebody might have missed thiers counts, so ask if they indeed have two left.....

unless its Doc McStuffens, because we all know that stuff got stolen anyway. :/

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