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I worked for party city for almost 2 years. I enjoyed it when I first started (Still factory card at the time) But once party city took over working there was miserable. The managers are terrible, one of them could hardly spell. One time me and another employee were putting up signs and talking a little and the manager would split us up. We weren't allowed to work and talk. Us cashiers always caught the managers spying on us, not working. One manager would sit in the back and do nothing for 2 hours and keep us late when we closed because he openly admitted he wanted to make more money. That same manager clocked me out of work when I clocked in 1 minute early, therefore making me 5 minutes late by waiting to tell me and he would throw away my request off forms.

Then right before halloween they fired me. Why? because I had 3 write ups. The first one was for not getting enough emails (I can't force people to give them to me) The second one was for not offering a basket to a mystery shop on a very busy saturday. Then I came into work one day and the manger handed me the mystery shop and told me to read it and it said "She was very nice, she asked me for my phone number and email and spoke to someone over the walkie and then thanked me." I thought it was a good thing because I did everything right. Then he says "I have to terminate you for talking while helping a customer." Seriously? when this rule of not allowed answering a quick question of the walking was enforced I was not told. I asked him who I was talking to and what I said and he kept saying "Doesn't matter."

I also learned that 3 other employees were fired alone with me. All original factory card workers. I remembered when we first switched over to party city and my manager saying party citys motto is "There are plenty of people to replace you."

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haha :) :grin ,) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x
Bel Air, Maryland, United States #705782
when i was there one worker wouldent even help me find what me and my freind find what we were looking for. Then me and my friend aaliyah found wigs so we asked a worker to take a picture then told us the price so we said we didnt have any money she said we coldnt look then we gave them no service again. :p :grin
San Antonio, Texas, United States #617593
I completely understand im going thru the same at m store. :(

trust me, not much has changed...

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