As a college student and the eldest among kids, I'm always being relied upon by my parents and because of this, I'm always on the go when it comes to errands. I went to buy my sister's party favors and when I was ready to pay, it turned out that they didn't accept debit cards.

I mean, CAN YOU PLEASE GET YOURSELF A DEBIT MACHINE? Perhaps it will be more convenient for your consumers. So I called my dad and asked if I could charge the same debit card using credit instead. I went back to the store and presented them my dad's credit card.

My dad had to be there in order to purchase those items.

Are you kidding me? I'm just saying, get yourself a debit card machine.

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This person may have the type of debit card where it is literally JUST a debit card with no credit logo. While RARE to have them at all, I've seen them several times while working at PC and we CANNOT accept those since there's no credit card carrier to process it, but it's not uncommon among college students to have one like that.


I also work at Party City and we take debit cards all day long......


This isn't true. I work at a party city and we always take debit cards.


:zzz I just want to give a little bit of feedback of berwyn party city on customer service I had today I went into party city not knowing too sure what I was going to buy as I entered the store I was greeted by a gentleman by the name of Ruben that was working in isles 1 what I love the most he greeted me and ask me if I needed any help find anything and I told him that I wasn't sure of which kind of party I wanted for my daughter so he stopped on what he was working on and showed me a few options..and I was able to make up my mind on what I wanted for my daughters birthday this by far has been the best customer service I had


Just because they don't have a debit machine doesn't mean you can't use debit. They just run it as a credit.

As far as not allowing you to use the card without your father present, it is because for all they know, you could have stole that card.

If it is not YOUR name on the card, you legally are not allowed to use it. I thought all of this was common sense....


I call this story bogus. I bought a costume there for halloween using my debit card. Nice try genius.

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