I ordered party supplies online including balloons, which when i called they said i can go to any Party City store and have it filled. On my daughter's party, we went to have the balloons filled but when we got there the store didn't have helium.

They said it's been an issue for over 11/2 years. They referred us to a grocery store which charged us $3/piece for the bouquet balloons.

Party City should warn customers that they have issues with helium and it's not a guarantee they can fill balloons if you order it online instead of having to pay double for balloons!!! When I called customer service all the lady could tell me was "I understand, we will report it to the franchise manager" LAME!!!

Monetary Loss: $33.

Location: Costa Mesa, California

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We are on a helium sort-age world wide...not just nation wide. You not having balloons for your daughters birthday means that some one else was able to get a MRI at the hospital.

You should do you research, Helium companies wont deliver to retail stores during these shortages because helium is used in a lot of hospital equipment. Party stores often are unaware of whether or not they will receive a full shipment of tanks.

As for giving vouchers to have if filled for free else where? please name a single company that partners with another business and allows this?


While it's true there is a world-wide helium shortage the OP has a valid point when they request that customers be informed of this upon purchasing flat balloons. Since Party City mylars include helium in the price, at the very least customers SHOULD be made aware it could be quite some time before the balloon can be filled.

There are NO EXCUSES for NOT informing the customer of this issue before they buy. There's nothing that can be done about the shortage but there IS something that can be done about how they choose to handle the issue.


@ Josh: They should warn their online customers or at least give vouchers to have it filled somewhere for free!


This isn't something to complain about...there are helium shortages nationwide, and sometimes people run out. Where I work, the whole town was out of it.

Grocery store and party stores and everything. We usually have it on hand, but sometimes our helium dealer is out, so we don't get any either.

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