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Why does the Party City catalog, flyers, and commercials never feature any minority groups, especially Black ppl? I purposely looked through your whole catalog just to see if you did it again, because this is the 3rd year I have noticed this.

The only black ppl you show in any ads are black ppl dressed up as other black ppl. Like in this year's catalog, you have one black girl dressed as a "fly girl" and one black guy with a dreadlocks wig and an attached Rasta headband. Are you guys really that racist or just plain ignorant? The fact that you seem to believe that Black, Hispanic, Asian, and Indian Americans don't celebrate Halloween is just pathetic and sad.

And if you do know that, you purposely do not advertise for minorities. Your company has displayed its

lack of diversity for the last time. I will be posting this any and everywhere so everyone can see the pure ignorance that your company seems to spew out every Halloween season. I'm sick of you corporations that have no clue about any other ppl but your own..MINORITIES CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN TOO!!!

AND WE DONT JUST DRESS UP AS OTHER MINORITIES. You guys are so racist, that you put all the Disney princesses in your ads except Princess Tiana and Pocahontas, who happens to be the 1st Black and Native American Disney princesses. Coincidence? I think not...Party City, you must do better because this is sad that this is still happening in 2015.

Get a racial sensitivity coach for your company and please try again. Because I will be sure to let EVERYONE know on social media what kind of racist ridiculousness your company is pushing out to the masses.

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partycity use to have Tiana but it didn't sell, so they discontinued it, why would a company take away from something that would sell & make money? Do you not enjoy money?

Not everyone thinks of race, theyre thinkin about the profit.

PartyCity neeevvverr specifically had Pochahontas but they've always had Native American costumes/accessories...


I would just like to point out that Pocahontas was NOT the first native American disney princess. Princess Tiger Lily from Peter Pan was.


Unfortunately a lot of big companies are racist/sexist/homophobic. Party City still labels all their birthday stuff as either for "boys" or "girls", as if a girl could never like hotwheels or dinosaurs.

And yeah, they kind of suck when it comes to diversity.

If you want to be noticed by them, you should try tweeting them @PartyCity. idk if they check their twitter, but it's worth a shot.

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