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I worked at party city for a few months now and it is great, then ***. Reasons are far to dark than I can imagine.

As I've been recently fired for sexual orientation and the lies Brandy (manager) has brought to Greg (general manager) about my work ethic and my actions towards Brandy. This all started in Chandler Arizona. the laws of this state includes you have every given right to work anywhere in the state and they cant fire you for your sexual orientation, but that doesn't stop there as I reveal to you what party city is all about towards their employees. I've made many great friends and have great memories within the chandler cross road location, except what i didn't want to remember is the harassment that came with the location.

I work 5-10 hour shift with no breaks. Also no paid 15min breaks. I'd be lucky if i got a break. I can still remember brandy saying "you don't get a break till all these boxes are done." but once they're done we can go home for the day.

We worked 8 hours on that day. Brandy sexually harassed one of the employees which i cannot say who to protect the guy involved. at this point its a law suit but also showing evidence of video monitoring when boxes being thrown at another manager because they were moving to slow. Brandy is the lead cause for the abuse and harassment as many of us already stated to Human Resources.

but why haven't greg fired her. Its because he knew her for 5 years. she doesn't like african american people and especially *** people. i was simply her target in getting me fired because she had to cover it up.

I told mike white (district manager) the night of the sexual harassment and asked to come in the next morning to talk with greg. greg had no clue even though he did. and made me look like a complete idiot because all three of them were working together. mike is also involved because he knew about brandy's habits in the past.

this is what party city is all about. keeping employees unsafe in un healthy conditions. and dealing with the physical abuse that has brought me to speak up for myself when my rights have been taken away from me. as guy who deals asphergers its unhealthy to work in an environment where Brandy tells you that your not good enough for that position and tells others how much she wanted me fired for being who i am.

i know i left so much out because i can write a few pages on what I've seen and what I've also seen on the cameras.

I want to bring this to closure so i can finally live a healthy life. i am deeply traumatized and wish i hadn't worked there to begin with.

Reason of review: my rights and others have been abused.

Preferred solution: i want her fired and i want something done about the situation .

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