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I went on Aug 3 and bought $37 worth of Sweet 16 party supplies for my sisters B-day party. Unfortunately, I wrote a check due to a situation with my debit card.

After finding out that the party was cancelled, I took the stuff back to the store to return it 3 days after buying it. I had my receipt and proof showing the check cleared my account. He scanned every item and the receipt; was about to do the refund then proceeded to tell me that I had to wait 10 business days to return this because I wrote a check. When having proof that it had already cleared my account and my receipt....he stated that it was policy and even though it might have cleared my account, I still had to wait.

So, I'm still sitting on this unneeded party stuff and don't have my money back yet! I will never buy anything from this place again!!

Monetary Loss: $37.

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Actually when you treat flesh and blood humans the way you are most employees of any company won't care to have your business. Yes customers are valued but not in exchange for the people who work there being bullied, threatend, and insulted for doing their jobs the way they have been told to.


WOW...someone really hacked into this. Whoever is impersonating my profile needs to stop!!

it's ridiculous to know that you can't trust posting something or filing a complaint on a business without it turning into something more. This is just crazy!!!


Most stores will make you wait for a certain period of time for a refund on purchases paid by check.



Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We would love the opportunity to address this issue and resolve it as quickly as possible. Customer service is very important to us as a company and we take these matters very seriously. Please feel free to call 1-800-PARTYCITY (727-8924) and select option 5 to speak to a representative regarding retail store issues.

Thank you,

Party City



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