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I have never been so mistreated and seen such rude customer service in my life. The staff at this store have no concept of good customer service.

They are rude and disrespectful. In particular a lady at the register Dora is confrontational and condescending. The manager is aware but very scared to say anything. Customer be aware.

These are not people with manners, education, or basic human respect.

Details: I went to register to pay for a handful of candy my 2 year old had selected. Dora said I need to wait since someone was getting something and had already been there. I was ok with that and waited for about 3-4 minutes; (my cart I moved but the handful of candy was at the corner of the register because I didnt want it to fall off in the cracks of the cart) When the lady came to pay Dora Yelled : you need to move your cart.

It was not in anyones way. I did not want to move it too far out because my 2 year old would cry because the candy was on the counter and I didnt want to get in the way of the transaction of the lady before me. I moved it anyway and my son began to cry. The other customer (who is pregnant and probably very hormonal) says "I dont need this" and Dora smirks and laughs and says "Move your cart" I respond "Please dont be so rude to me." and the pregnant lady says "shut up and get out of my face." well.

At this point I realize I among crazy people so I say nothing. After their transaction is complete I ask Dora to get the manager. Manager hears the story but says nothing with fear on her face (seems scared of Dora!!!) Dora walks off. I leave.

Bottom line I believe the staff could have been polite.

Review about: Party City Manager.

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First time in life I think I am got the flavor of worst customer service.

Here are my tips girls at counter are lazy and really rude.after waiting for half an hour I got such a ridiculous experience.

Here is what happened. I purchased for around $100 and I had a coupon just got a week ago that is valid for next two weeks. That says that you will get $5 off on $purchase that exclude sale item .i asked cashier that where is the discount she told it is in there I said I can not see it she is like we changed the item price to match up the discount ? What the *** funny is not it.i tried to calculate every thing by my self but could not find the discount and the prizes are original.i tried to ask another lady over there she was literally very rude like I have done some crime by asking her.

What the f****. ? Party city fremont you are here for better custemer experience not to suck them.

She is like why don't you wait again in the same line and I can rebill the items. She was thinking that I will not do it because of $$ amont . I waited for next 30 minutes more with my daughter and wife. After my turn she was like all the items on store are on sale so coupon does not work ????

Questions on my mind why you issue coupon that does not work at all?

Can these guys could be little more gentle with the clients ?

to Rahul bhatt #606600

Read the fine print on the bottom of the coupon before trying to use it.

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