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I went to this store Store #272 in 305 SE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver, WA 98683 to return a costume right after my daughter said that it was too big. We tried to return it within 2 hours time frame and unfortunately their team was very rude, their mind was already set. Bottom line, they will not provide refund. This is totally unacceptable, paid over price for a cheap material of custome. I got stuck wit this. I spoke to 3 people there (customer service- assistant-and manager's assistance and they didn't seem to care) These people are so unprofessional and they don't give a #$#$%#$ about customer service experience. Check this out. They even have a 7 days return and they refused to issue a refund. http://prntscr.com/505szn

I finally talked the corporate office and they said that they had many complaints about this specific store. Apparently this specific store is a franchise. They will deal with them. For now they asked me to take my costume to another store and they will happy to issue a refund.

People , be careful at this store 305 SE Chkalov Dr, Vancouver, WA 98683. They are not real, honest, polite, and have integrity as a store.

Also did a research after this incident, they have OVER-PRICE for these costumes, BTW, did I mention that these are LOW-QUALITY?

Review about: Party City Deal.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Bad reputation, All.

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7 days BEFORE the holiday. Next time, don't wait til the last minute to buy something before a holiday. NO store has to accept returns on anything they sell.


its on a 7 days return sweety its a "once you hit the 24th (7 days BEFORE halloween) no more money is given back. ) you posted this on the 26th, surely right after you threw your fit.

so yea they can't return it to you because policy. corporate makes you feel special trust me. learn the policy before you buy, try on before you leave the store, common sense.

especially when ur a last minute shopper. dont be rude, they just work there.

to Anonymous Vancouver, Washington, United States #896022

If you knew how to read you dummy you would have known that the costume was for my daughter. My daughter could not try the costume on because she was not there, she was in foster care because a few people reported me when they thought I was abusing my daughter.

So I am only allowed supervised visits.

Also what is with this sweety ***. I am a man don't call me sweety.


I am just stating my concerns about Michael Jackson and how his music should not be played in stores because he has a history of abusing boys. Look at you you beat your own daughter.

You brag about beating your daughter and blame her for your abusing her. That is just sick.

Besides if you knew how to read I have issues against people like Michael Jackson sexually abusing innocent children. You probably don`t since you admitted to beating your own daughter.

to KevinRichards Seattle, Washington, United States #901870

I don't agree with this reviewer beating his kid, but I feel like your post is ridiculous, as well. I also feel like the real reason you don't like MJ is because he was black and, as you so nicely pointed out on another review, "Black people are rude and smoke crack and get drunk"...I don't think you have room to be calling someone else for their own despicable acts. You both are douchebags.

to bb Orange, California, United States #910948

I don't like black people in general, Obama. Call me racist if you want but being racist is not as bad as beating a helpless defenseless child, especially one that is grieving also for her mother's death. This father is self centered and only cares about himself, not his child.

to KevinRichards Kokomo, Indiana, United States #957734

Youre a nutjob, and mj didnt molest or touch any kids

to justmeeey Orange, California, United States #961109

That is because he had big shot lawyers to clear his name. Next you will be saying O J Simpson did not kill anyone.


It doesn't matter. Keep dreaming.

I am sure if you were in my position, you would think different. Bottom line my problem was solved and wanted to share my experience here.

Also, another anonymous auto spamming is posting irrelevant information about this topic. Some company hire these people to auto generate things to clean their company.

Sorry, it doesn't work here.

This specific company sucks in Vancouver and that's end of the story.

You can keep posting more things. Evidence speaks for itself.

to mrreviewsm #894591

The point is when you don't get your way you become hostile, which is why your daughter was taken from you. I am glad they took her from your abusive home. She is safe now.

to KevinRichards #894615

Such a loser Kevin. are you getting paid 2.00 for your post? Such a loser.

to mrreviewsm #895121

I don't get paid anything for my post, only a man who would abuse his child is a loser.

to mrreviewsm #895139

I just checked your profile and no wonder why you posting about kids. You are a ***.

Look at your profile.

You are sick. You make me vomit.


to mrreviewsm #895334

Wow an adult calling people loser online, what a good role model you are for your child. Good thing she was taken from you so you don't teach her to be as disrespectful as you.

How can you hurt your daughter like this. I agree you should put yourself in your daughter's shoes.

You are selfish and only think of yourself.


The sign clearly states "unopened packages may be returned"

To find out it was not the right size you opened it.

When you did that, you cannot return and get a refund.

It is a simple concept I imagine most of us can understand.


Somebody needs to smack you around like you smack your daughter around. No wonder why nobody wants to deal with you.

Look how you react to everyone when you don't get your way! Oh and it's everyone else's fault that you're verbally and physically abusive and the way you are? Yeah right! Look in the mirror.

Thank God your child is protected and away from you. The next step is this company should charge you for harassment or get a restraining order against you.

And before you come back with the silly "don't judge me" approach, you posted this in a public forum for others to judge. Your responses say more than enough for all of us to draw a proper conclusion....


First of all telling you "no" is not the same as being rude. Second it is four days before Halloween so you could not return it.

Following policy is not the same as being rude.

They are not unprofessional, you as a mother should know what size your daughter wears, why did you not have her try the clothing on before to make sure it fit? It is up to seven days which means you have up to the 24th to return the costume.

to Anonymous Vancouver, Washington, United States #891587

You have no right to judge me, I bought the Halloween costumer two weeks before. My daughter is currently in CPS care because someone saw me slapping her across the face and reported me to the police, that and her teacher also showed concerns and called CPS on me.

My daughter was in CPS care at the time I purchased the costume and I did not have her with me to try the costume on. Besides I wanted to surprise her for when she and I had a supervised visit. They whole point of this is that they are like you they said that the last date of returns was the 24th of October they don't take back returns less than a week before holidays like Christmas, Halloween Easter est. I told them that that is not what I took in when I read the sign and from what I read you are allowed to return it from the 24th to the 31st.

I told them that they are a bunch of idiots with little integrity and I admit I was upset and used profanity to them but they still refused to budge. Lots of people complain about this particular location. I have returned the costume to another store and got a refund. Now I have no costume to give to my daughter as I will not get another visit until after Halloween.

Maybe you should not judge others until you know the whole story, try putting yourself in my shoes before being a judgmental arsehole. Also I am not the mother I am the father, I thought my username Mr review sm would give it away, but I guess you are too *** to figure this out. I wanted my username to be Mr. Review SM but the site does not allow capital letters in a username, nor does it allow the period or spaces.

I had to use the name mrreviewsm because the people running this site are idiots. Just like you.

to mrreviewsm Orange, California, United States #891591

You are one disgusting individual and I am glad your daughter is in foster care. You sound violent and abusive.

Try putting yourself in your daughter's shoes. She has an abusive father, she is living with strangers and she was probably disappointed the costume does not fit.

This is not about you but about your daughter. You sicken me.

to KevinRichards Vancouver, Washington, United States #891956

Why should I put myself in my daughter's shoes, she is the one that was misbehaving which caused me to hit her. This is all her fault.

If she were not misbehaving she would not have been put into foster care. Her teacher noticed that she came to school bruised all the time and asked her about it. I told her to tell her she got hurt playing however the teacher was a busy body and knew she was lying and called CPS, then another time she was misbehaving and I smacked her and someone else called CPS, because of these two incidents(which were my daughter's fault) my daughter was taken from my home and placed in foster care. I lost my wife and now they took my daughter from my home.

Life is so unfair. She would not be living with strangers had she not misbehaved. I am not violent and abusive, and I admit I acted badly in the store, but here I was angry. I had not taken my daughter clothes shopping in a while, my wife usually did that, and soon after her death my daughter was placed in foster care.

I am grieving over the death and she is acting like a little bi*ch. Before you go around saying she is upset about her mothers death keep this in mind, before marriage we have been dating for years. I knew my wife for 17 years she only knew her mother for eight years. I knew her twice as long.

I get supervised visits for my daughter, I have not had her in my home for almost a year and a half. Think about who you are dealing with before you judge me. The point is this store is greedy and has many complaints about customer service. Last year I bought my daughter something for Christmas and could not return it because it was not something she wanted.

I got angry the next visit and called her ungrateful and told her she was bad and I would not get her anything for Christmas. They ruined Christmas 2013 because of their greediness.

This was a supervised visit and CPS told me I was being "verbally abusive" to my daughter and cut my visit short. They made my daughter cry and said my words made her cry.

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